FireScope Solutions for Mergers and Acquisitions

The Financial Services industry is well known for nearly constant merger and acquisition activities, which presents unique challenges for CIO's. Virtually overnight, they have become responsible for delivering well performing user experiences for a collection of applications and systems they had no hand in designing, and with potentially incompatible organizational structures and processes.

What's needed is the ability to rapidly inventory the technical environments of newly acquired business units, apply meaningful service-aligned management and integrated into instrumentation that spans the entire organization. In other words, what's needed is FireScope Stratis.

    5 Steps to Take Away M&A Stress:

  1. A FireScope Edge device (virtual or physical appliance) is activated at a new business location in a simple, 2-page wizard. The integrated discovery+API capability inventories the technology environment. Blue Prints are automatically applied to identified assets which apply a customizable set of data collection, event analysis and visual controls based on the type of asset identified. New assets are dynamically mapped to the critical services they contribute to.
  2. The FireScope Edge Device begins data collection, pushing the raw data securely to the organization's central FireScope Stratis cloud. The data is normalized and stored in FireScope Stratis' Big-Data Elastic Storage Components and analysis of performance and health is distributed across multiple Elastic Application Components.
  3. Dashboards for the CIO and business owners automatically include these new services, ensuring they always have an accurate picture of service health. Meanwhile, each member of the organization has their own customizable dashboard with real-time feeds of actionable intelligence relevant to their operational role.
  4. As load and capacity requires, the FireScope Stratis cloud elastically expands or contracts to ensure optimal performance. Periodically, discovery+API is performed from each Edge device to identify new, changed or decommissioned assets and automatically adjusts configuration appropriately.
  5. Using FireScope Analytics, capacity planners have real-time insight into utilization across the entire environment, enabling them to adjust configuration to maximize utilization of existing assets and pinpoint the best time to invest in capacity to support business growth. Meanwhile, CIO's and Business Owners can easily understand the business outcomes delivered by technology, and the ripple effects of performance and events on these business outcomes.

FireScope is the leader in helping organizations align their technology with their business and their customers, and is delivering disruptive change to the service management space by providing instant access to critical pieces of actionable intelligence. A graphic example of the agility and rapid time to value FireScope delivers can be seen in this case study from Suncorp, where FireScope delivered a single view for their Business Critical Insurance Claims Platform in just 5 days, achieving what a Big-4 vendor failed to accomplish after over 12 months of effort.