FireScope Solutions for High Frequency Trading Platforms

Seconds can cost millions.

High Frequency Trading (HFT) platforms are among the most sophisticated systems employed today, with most implementations based on completely custom development projects around complex market analysis algorithms that deliver competitive advantage to the firm that can quantify the market most effectively. Unfortunately, this highly customized nature makes these systems very hard to effectively manage, especially as they are just as sensitive to the processing speeds of the markets and other external factors as they are to incidents in the underlying infrastructure.

FireScope has extensive experience in providing granular, real-time visibility into HFT platforms, enabling our customers to respond to technical and market performance issues at a fraction of the time of the competition. Key to FireScope's success is a Top-Down approach and its Enterprise Service Bus, enabling the solution to consume and normalize massive data feeds in a wide variety of formats, and without requiring expensive custom development or year-long professional services engagements.

Many FireScope customers even offer dashboards to business users, which they use to increase their understanding of market conditions and the organization's ability to complete trades with various markets within acceptable time thresholds. Meanwhile, directors and business owners use their dashboards to understand the holistic health of the technology environment at a glance, without waiting weeks for business analysts to manually collate data from disparate monitoring and management solutions. Simultaneously, IT professionals use FireScope's Two-Clicks to Root Cause to drive down incident response and resolution times to keep the business performing.

    Key Takeaways

  • Extensive experience delivering real-time business insight into the performance of High Frequency Trading platforms.
  • Enterprise Service Bus enables the solution to consume and normalize mass volumes of data of any format, any transport.
  • Big-Data architecture gives the solution high performance, high resiliency and unlimited scalability.
  • From IT professionals to business users, every member of your organization can benefit from the insights offered by FireScope.

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