Complete IT Monitoring from the Cloud

Over the last twenty years, the market has proliferated with hundreds of monitoring tools, each focused on a different aspect of IT. Application Performance Management, Network Monitoring, Log Management, End User Experience Management, Virtualization Management. The list goes on and on. As new technologies emerge, new tools soon follow, focused on the new technology and further complicating life for IT as each of these tools only provides a slice of the big picture and lack integration. However, you no longer have to get monitoring by the slice.

FireScope Stratis provides truly end-to-end visibility of your critical services. From user experiences to the underlying applications, storage, compute and network, FireScope monitors it all and correlates performance issues and availability events to their larger impact on user experiences and service outcomes.

  • Complete IT monitoring from a single, cloud-based solution encompassing everything from user experiences to applications, servers, storage and network, with the ability to correlate individual events to their larger impact on services and users.
  • Automated discovery maps your critical business services and applies best-practice monitoring with little to no effort by you.
  • Extensive customization enables you to monitor any IT asset, any way you want, and without the need to write code.
  • Gain real-time, historical and predictive analytics on IT services and their related business outcomes.
  • Integration with many popular Service Desk and ITSM solutions improves collaboration throughout IT.

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End-to-End... Really

While many solutions promise to provide end-to-end visibility, reality is often a different story. Cloud-based APM solutions in particular lack visibility downstream of applications and servers, leaving organizations vulnerable to performance or configuration issues at the network, storage or environmental layers of the service stack.

  • Automated discovery and mapping of your critical services, with self-configuration of best-practice performance analysis.
  • Manage the complete service stack, from end-user experiences to environmentals, from a single dashboard.
  • Drill down from service to source of impairment in 2-clicks or less.
  • Prioritize efforts based on their impact to the business as a whole.
  • Easy integration with existing management investments to automate configuration, issue resolution and more.

Lift Your IT Game

Whether you're caught in fire-fighting mode or implementing a service-oriented, predictive approach to IT, FireScope offers a wide array of capabilities to help any IT organization lift its game. Rather than invest in dozens of point solutions or complex suites, FireScope offers a single platform that evolves with you. Additionally, we have developed a realistic approach to IT maturity that

  • Best practice monitoring helps elevate IT from reactive operations, buying time and space to elevate IT maturity.
  • Powerful historic, real-time and predictive analytics aid in optimizing compute resources and more accurately determine future capacity requirements.
  • Integration of business KPIs enables analysis of the financial impact of outages and service degradations, while offering new opportunities to showcase the value IT brings to the business.